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You see your child reach for her ears as she cries out in pain and discomfort. Unfortunately, is something many parents deal with daily, especially for those children that suffer from chronic ear infections. These infections can impact adults as well, often striking without warning and affecting the function for both children and adults.


You are not alone if you are a family being impacted by ear infections. Almost 80% of children experience at least one ear infection before they have exited the toddler stage. They are typically caused by a bacterial or viral infections and not only cause severe pain, but also dizziness, poor balance, and reduced hearing. But did you know chiropractic care can help you understand, treat, and even reduce the frequency of these infections?


Chiropractic care is a holistic drug-free approach to ear infections. By correcting subluxations (misalignments) the natural flow of fluid drainage which allows the ears to function as they were designed. In addition to this, adjustments boost and restores proper function of the immune system and reduce inflammation and pressure that could be contributing to infections within the body. The goal is to not only address the issue at hand, but also prepare the body to handle other inevitable infections and stressors from daily life by creating balance and resilience.


How will chiropractic care help my child?

How a child will respond to chiropractic care is completely unique to each person. We have found in our office children respond quite quickly to chiropractic care. The benefits we have heard from kids (and their parents) express are:

  • feeling healthier overall
  • increased comfort/reduced pain and discomfort
  • reduction in the duration of the infection
  • less frequent occurrences

Using chiropractic care to treat ear infections is ideal because the focus is on the role of the nervous system and how subluxations could be creating blockages and inflammation that aren’t allowing the body to do its job. This provides an alternative to the “bandage” approach because it really looks at optimizing the function of the nervous system, the immune system, and the body as a whole. That means that children will simply just feel better after some of the underlying issues are address. These issues are often the ones making them more vulnerable to ear infections in the first place. If your family is impacted by ear infections, chronic or otherwise, it is worth exploring how taking a chiropractic approach could benefit your child’s health, happiness, and development!


Have questions? Discuss is with Dr. Todd at your next appointment or schedule a 15-min. Zoom with him.