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Monday           6:30- 1:00, 3:00- 6:00

Tuesday           Closed

Wednesday     6:30- 11:00, 2:00- 6:00

Thursday         8:00- 11:00, 2:00- 5:00

Friday              6:30- 1:00, 3:00- 6:00

Saturday          Closed

Sunday             Closed

Omaha neck adjustment

“I love chiropractic because it makes me feel better. I am healthier and have more energy. My family doesn’t get sick as often, and we all bounce back faster! Before starting chiropractic, my 2-year-old son had 3 ear infections in the first year of his life. Since seeing Dr. Todd, my son has not had an ear infection or cold in about a year.” –Brynn W.

From your child’s ear infection to his sledding incident or her basketball injury, we are here to help. For adults with fibromyalgia, hormonal or thyroid issues, we have the experience needed to improve your outcome and daily routines.

Call us at 402-590-2199 to schedule your family for a session with Dr. Todd.