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Monday           6:30- 1:00, 3:00- 6:00

Tuesday           Closed

Wednesday     6:30- 11:00, 2:00- 6:00

Thursday         8:00- 11:00, 2:00- 5:00

Friday              6:30- 1:00, 3:00- 6:00

Saturday          Closed

Sunday             Closed

Springfield Chiropractor

“I love chiropractic because it’s natural! It lets the body help itself. Dr. Todd is very personable, easy to talk to and knowledgeable on holistic topics. Before we came to Dr. Todd, our whole family was sleep deprived because our newborn baby was waking every 1-2 hours. Once she got adjusted, it was like we had a new baby all over again—a sleeping baby! Now we had a real schedule and routine.” –Carolyn S.

Call us at 402-590-2199 to schedule your family for a session with Dr. Todd.