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Monday           6:30- 1:00, 3:00- 6:00

Tuesday           Closed

Wednesday     6:30- 11:00, 2:00- 6:00

Thursday         8:00- 11:00, 2:00- 5:00

Friday              6:30- 1:00, 3:00- 6:00

Saturday          Closed

Sunday             Closed


At Niemeyer Family Chiropractic, our goal is to help individuals and families achieve optimal health, and we love getting feedback from our patients. We realize that others also enjoy reading about the benefits received from chiropractic. If you have comments, please let us know, and we’ll display them here.

To your good health!

Dr. Todd and staff


“My back pain has been eliminated. I was bent over with back pain and Dr. Niemeyer was able to get rid of the pain and put me back on the golf course.” (Anonymous)

[Chiropractic also helped this patient with headaches, tingling/numbness, stiff neck/back and chronic pain.]

“The staff is wonderful, friendly and extremely helpful! Adjustments make all the difference in my day to day functions. Life is so much more functional when regularly attending Niemeyer. My aches and pains are few and far between or completely disappearing.” –Krislyn W.

[Chiropractic has also helped Krislyn with nausea and joints shifting during pregnancy, headaches, aching and sinuses.]

One patient loves Niemeyer Family Chiropractic because of “the wonderful ladies at the front desk, as well as the overall attitude of the entire clinic. Smiles and true caring all around. Dr. Todd is without a doubt the most caring and engaging practitioner I have ever worked with.” (Anonymous)

[Chiropractic also helped this patient with depression, stiff neck/back and aching.]

“My neck hurts, and it feels so good when I get adjusted.” –Carly M, age 13

[Chiropractic has also helped Carly with reducing the amount of maintenance in her health challenges.]

“I learn so much about the immune system and how everything is connected and affects the body. Dr. Todd is friendly and easy to talk to, and he makes things easy to understand. I started taking my son to Dr. Todd after seeing results in my niece. His adjustments have greatly helped in preventing ear infections. Also, I have learned lots during our visits.” (Anonymous)

“My kids are the healthiest they have ever been. I love that all their supposed problems were fixed without putting any more medications in their body that would only treat the symptoms. I came in on crutches to Dr. Todd, not able to put weight on my knee without pain. After an adjustment, I didn’t need the crutches and haven’t since. Also, my daughter stopped screaming and arching during feedings after one adjustment and stopped spitting up after a few more.” –Amy P.

[Chiropractic has also helped Amy and family with headaches, ear infections, colicky baby, constipation, stiff neck and back.]

“I love chiropractic because basically it keeps me well! I believe everyone should have regular adjustments to keep their body working well. My experience with chiropractic care has varied. Dr. Todd has been very thorough which is comforting to me. He’s honest and genuine. This office and his care have been very positive.” –Lona J.

[Chiropractic has also helped Lona with headaches, tingling and numbness, fatigue, mood swings, stomach upset, sinuses, depression, heartburn, aching, tension and chronic pain.]

“I always walk away feeling relaxed. I had no clue how much pain I had been living with on a daily basis. My headaches have minimized greatly, and my neck and back haven’t felt this good since high school.” –Renee A.

[Chiropractic has also helped Renee with headaches, sleeping problems, depression and menstrual pain/irregularity.]

“It makes the entire family feel better and stay healthier. Chiropractic overall has drastically improved my family’s health and everyday actions.” –Stephanie O.

[Chiropractic also helped Stephanie and her family with headaches, still neck/back and aching.]

“It is necessary to keep balance, and balance is essential to a productive and controlled life. I dealt with a pretty intense health issue for the last seven years and maintaining chiropractic care is the first treatment that sees the body as a whole instead of treating the symptoms. I finally have real hope for a better quality of life.” –Shellie G.

[Chiropractic also helped Shellie with dizziness, fatigue, sleeping problems, stiff neck/back, fainting, menstrual pain/irregularity, chronic pain and aching.]

“I need it to function properly in my everyday life. This is something I look forward to, to relieve my issues. I have a joint condition that causes my pain in all my joints every day. If it wasn’t for going to the chiropractor I would be dependent on pain meds.” –Leanna H.

[Chiropractic also helped Leanna with stiff neck/back, chronic pain and aching.]

“Dr. Todd is a very caring chiropractor who listens and works hard to correct your health issues. The staff are great and ready to assist you anyway they can. I am now feeling so much better and back to being myself. A healthy lifestyle results in a healthier you. It’s a team effort.” (Anonymous)

[Chiropractic also helped this patient with chronic pain.]

“The staff is so great, and I feel so much better coming here. My back feels great. This practice has been so great to me and my family. It has not only helped my husband and me with our health and back pain but has also helped my autistic daughter.” (Anonymous)

[Chiropractic also helped this patient with headaches, tension and chronic pain.]

“Without it I would be miserable! I have nerves that don’t connect right, so my stomach is paralyzed. Going here helps with the pain of my stomach not working. I will be coming here all my life. I love this place! Dr. Niemeyer is an awesome guy who really helps. Like I said above, I will be coming here all my life because of my disorder. I’m okay with that.” –Emily D.

[Chiropractic has also helped Emily with stomach upset and a stiff neck/back.]

“There is a quiet, calm, very personal and relaxed approach. I feel I’m in good hands, and I feel very good after my treatment. I feel refreshed totally. No real story to tell, but my belief in chiropractic medicine has been replaced by Dr. Todd.” –Cornell H.

[Chiropractic has also helped Cornell with sleeping problems, loss of balance, aching and tension.]

“I have always suffered from injuries; however, chiropractic care helps me to recover quickly and get back to normal. I came in years ago suffering with my second concussion, and I was not healing or recovering. After beginning my adjustments, I quickly improved and have come here for all of my injuries since.” –Carolyn H.

[Chiropractic has also helped Carolyn with headaches, sinuses and chronic pain.]

“It keeps my body in the alignment God made me to have. I feel healthier, stronger and energized. Our whole family feels incredible. I struggled with chronic pain and low energy. That has all been healed! My kids get sick less and recover faster when they do get sick. Our family feels amazing!” –Chelsea R.

[Chiropractic also helped Chelsea and family with headaches, fatigue, sleeping problems, stomach upset, sinuses, depression, stiff neck/back, menstrual pain/irregularity, colicky baby, improved immune system, chronic pain, aching, ringing in ears, urinary problems, nervousness, tension and ear infections.]

“Dr. Niemeyer and staff are outstanding! Always super professional, nice and helpful. My quality of life has increased immensely. I was hesitant to start chiropractic care, but Dr. Todd knows exactly what needs to be done, and I feel so much better”. –Deb W.

[Chiropractic has also helped Deb with headaches, aching, tension, and stiff neck and back.]

“I love chiropractic because it has helped me become more comfortable sitting down as well as sleeping. I’ve also felt a decrease in stress and tension in my neck and lower back.” –Ryan W.

[Chiropractic has also helped Ryan with tension, fatigue, sleeping problems, ADD/ADHD, and stiff neck and back.]

“I love chiropractic because it’s natural! It lets the body help itself. Dr. Todd is very personable, easy to talk to and knowledgeable on holistic topics. Before we came to Dr. Todd, our whole family was sleep deprived because our newborn baby was waking every 1-2 hours. Once she got adjusted, it was like we had a new baby all over again—a sleeping baby! Now we had a real schedule and routine.” –Carolyn S.

[Chiropractic has also helped Carolyn’s family with constipation.]

“I love chiropractic because it makes me feel better. I am healthier and have more energy. My family doesn’t get sick as often, and we all bounce back faster! Before starting chiropractic, my 2-year-old son had 3 ear infections in the first year of his life. Since seeing Dr. Todd, my son has not had an ear infection or cold in about a year.” –Brynn W.

[Chiropractic has also helped Brynn and family with sinuses, stiff neck and back, chronic pain and improvements with the nervous system.]

“I love chiropractic because it has helped me enjoy life more fully. I have less migraines and stiffness from fibromyalgia. I went from 6 multiple-day migraines a month to 1-2 migraines a month. I learned that my body wasn’t meant to constantly hurt at 34 years of age. My life has been truly enriched by seeing Dr. Todd.” –Crystal W.

[Chiropractic has also helped Crystal with headaches, sleeping problems, sinuses, stiff neck and back pain, and chronic pain.]

“I love chiropractic because it is done without medications, and it makes you energetic and not suffer from side effects you experience with meds. Dr. Todd and staff are accommodating and friendly. They made sure that I was taken care of even when I was running late. Staff always make you feel welcomed.” –Maggie P

[Chiropractic has also helped Maggie with fatigue, aching, tension, and stiff neck and back.]

“I love chiropractic because it really helps me with everyday mobility and seasonal allergies. I started coming after I fell and broke my nose. I had a lot of pain and stiffness in my neck and have been seeing Dr. Todd for about four years now for general wellness care. I always feel better after each adjustment.” –Greg S.

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